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It’s Our Energy

celebrates the drive, commitment and expertise that exists within the 1620 Electrical Workers Union and our membership!

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Our membership consists of over 550 members; members who are vital to the wellbeing, safety, and operational capacity of this province.


1620 members are all key players in the utility and transmission sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. 1620 is proud to have the opportunity to represent this group, protecting their value and scope of work, while ensuring their significance is recognized and appreciated.

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“It’s Our Energy” is a campaign about pride in what we do. This campaign celebrates the 1620 Electrical Workers Union and its members. It is important to shine a light on the professional, dedicated, and strategic energy of this Union, and the contributions it makes to the local community.


From volunteering their time, to supporting causes important to its membership, donating funds and resources where they see opportunities to help those in need, 1620 values investing in our communities.

“It’s Our Energy” also speaks to the highly trained and very skilled members who use their passion and drive to perform quality, safe and critical work every day.

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As a Union, we are very proud to represent and collaborate with our members every day. It is so important for 1620 members to feel pride in their Union, but also pride in the value they bring to their profession, their trade, and their community.


There are many benefits to being a 1620 member, and this campaign invites members to learn more about that!


We value the fact that we are a chapter of the larger International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). As part of that connection to the IBEW, are focused on meeting and exceeding expectations to uphold standards of excellence for everyone.


  of Choice

1620 Electrical Workers is professional, capable, responsible, and credible.

And always ready!

​With much project experience from small to mega, like the on-time and on-budget work 1620 managed for the Lower Churchill and Maritime Link projects, 1620 Electrical Workers has solidified itself as a Union that can take on and manage any project in a timely, collaborative, and efficient way.


This experience and ability make 1620 the right choice for current and future projects! This means more work for our members, and better outcomes for owners, employers, and contractors alike!

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