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It's Our Energy
We are 1620 Electrical Workers

Who is 1620?

1620 Electrical Workers (IBEW) has proudly represented the interests of local utility workers since 1949. Our membership consists of Powerline Technicians (PLTs), various construction trades workers and other vital support personnel. 1620 members are capable, professional, and highly skilled.

At 1620 Electrical Workers, we know that our members are extremely dedicated to excellence which leads to the utmost in quality and workmanship. This is why our Union doesn’t just stand for them, we stand by them!


We are a project-ready organization with a proven track record in delivering quality work on time and on budget. Through collaborative approaches and solid relationships with stakeholders and employers, we deliver results, create value, and ensure quality.


1620 values community and our ability to support important causes for our members. Our organization supports various local community groups and initiatives. We are your friends and neighbors. And that matters to us.


At 1620 Electrical Workers, we put OUR ENERGY into our commitment to excellence, reliability, and quality in all that we do.


PLTs construct, maintain and repair electrical power transmission and distribution networks in our province. These 1620 members have in-depth knowledge and are highly skilled at navigating the electrical grids that power our province. No matter the weather, time of day, or day of the week, our PLTs show up to get the power on and keep the power on.

Did you know that PLTs are also critical in emergencies? Before firefighters can enter a burning building, PLTs must disconnect power to ensure everyone’s safety. When there is a vehicle accident involving utility poles and energized powerlines, it is the 1620 member PLTs that make the area safe for first responders to enter the scene.

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1620 Electrical Workers has many construction workers in our membership. These tradespeople have the training, knowledge, and experience to tackle any job, bringing quality and precision to all that they do every day. From operating heavy equipment, to helping build the power grids that keep our province ‘lit up,’ this group of professionals can do it all.

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Our membership includes very skilled and highly trained professionals of various classifications who are critical to the operations of many organizations and job sites. These members are at the core of the planning and execution of daily operations, providing clear communication and direction to ensure work is executed and completed properly. Some of these members are often the voices people hear when they have power trouble. When they need support and direction, or resources, helping to solve problems.

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Our Voices


Ron Legall

Senior Maintenance


Andrew Walsh

Powerline Technician (PLT)


Darren O'Bryan

Powerline Technician (PLT)

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